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Salcombe Gin Four Seas RNLI Edition

Like most good ideas it began with a conversation over a gin & tonic in a pub between founders, Angus and Howard who originally met in the 1990s whilst teaching sailing in Salcombe. Recognising an increasing demand amongst consumers for spirits of true provenance, quality and character they set about building a purpose built distillery in the heart of Salcombe to produce gins of exceptional quality in small batches.

BOTANICALS: 13, including those which came in on the Salcombe Fruiters in more exotic times
FLAVOURS:Rich and full in the mouth with juniper and fresh ruby red grapefruit on the fore followed by layers of warming citrus spice from English coriander seed and cubeb. Subtle savoury tones from bay leaf, balanced by a touch of sweetness from liquorice root.

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