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Frequently asked questions

Ordering wines

Piece of cake

So, this is as simple as adding wines to your basket, and paying! You will have the option, however, of selecting delivery to your address, or to collect in store. 


Speedy, secure and trackable

The first thing to know is that we really want to ensure your bottles arrive in one piece! So, we package them up ourselves in fully-encased Airsacs, which protect the bottles like a pillow inside the box. They are incredibly effective.

Secondly, if your order is made before 11am, we can ensure you wine will be delivered to you the next working day. If you urgently need it by a specific time, get in touch, and for a small premium we can arrange that.

We also offer free delivery to any mainland UK address with a minimum purchase of £150.

I want more info

No problem - just ask

We know that some elements of a wine are important for everyone, and we are working to get as much info about each wine up on the site as possible.

However, if you need to know how many sulphites are in the wine, or whether or not it's vegan, just ask us. We will be able to help.

What about a club?

Coming soon

A few of the ideas we are playing around with include a regular monthly membership allowing you to chip in an amount (likely to be several levels depending on your budgets) to either receive a chosen selection of our wines, or to allow you to "save up" and celebrate those special occasions in style. Other perks of membership might include exclusive events and talks.

Stay tuned.

Drink or return

For big orders, sure!

Many people aren't sure how much to order when it comes to wine for parties, and it's often true that it's hard to guess how much people will drink! That's why, when it's for larger orders (over 15 bottles), we'd be happy to take back the bottles that don't get drunk if you can get them back to us in their original condition.


Value all the way through

The first thing to know is that what we have online represents exactly what we have in store. You can be sure that if the item is listed online as in stock, we definitely have it.

Secondly, we don't do massive 30%, 40% sales because in order to pay for those, we'd have to start off with really inflated prices, and we don't want to do that.

Occasionally, we get fantastic deals on products that we will definitely pass on to you if we feel the wines are worth it.

But that encapsulates what we are about really: great value wines, all the time, no matter what the price.

Need to ask us something else?

If you need any further help, please feel free to use our web form or call us on 01364 652546