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O'Donnell Moonshine Mini Gift Set

Fancy a variety? Our mini moonshine gift pack comes with our 4 most popular flavours:

  • Popular O'Donnell Moonshine design in miniature size
  • 50ml each with different flavours: Sticky Toffee, Roasted Apple, Tough Nut, Wild Berry
  • Without artificial flavourings or colourings

The popular O'Donnell Moonshine design now also in miniature size: 4 small Mason Jars (50ml) come in different flavours - something for everyone!

Whether our bestseller "Tough Nut" (liqueur, 25% vol.) with pithy hazelnut and fine caramel, our fruity "Wild Berry" (liqueur, 25% vol.) with raspberry, grape and blackberry, the wintery "Roasted Apple" (liqueur, 20% vol.) with almond, vanilla and cinnamon or our silky "Sticky Toffee" (liqueur, 25% vol.), this 4-pack offers inspiration for various cocktails and is ideal for your own consumption or as a gift idea. 

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