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Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve

REGION: Devon, England

VARIETIES: Madeleine Angevine, Phoenix, Bacchus


VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2022

INFO: The Sharpham House was built in 1770 by Philemon Pownell with the proceeds of the capture of The Hermione, a Spanish treasure galleon. When Maurice and Ruth Ash bought the Sharpham Estate in 1962, it was already a 100-acre farm running on Steiner principles, with cows, vines, creamery and dairy farm. As such, they control the production of their award-winning wines and cheeses from start to finish, very much in the European style. Using cool-climate, mostly Germanic grape varieties, they produce excellent, good value English wines.

Vibrant, crisp, aromatic, lively. Best of Devon.

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