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Black Dog Gin 35cl

As with many of the new artisan gins on the market these days, Dartmoor Distillery's Black Dog has a wonderful family story behind it. Based in Newton Abbot's Tuckers Maltings brewery, Ethyl Ethel, their hand-made still, is in high-demand. The copper tubing comes from the Lawton Tube Co Ltd, a business that celebrates its centenary next year - cousins of John Lawton, the master distiller. Many of the botanicals and all of the water comes from Dartmoor to produce this full-flavoured, slightly floral and extremely drinkable gin.

BOTANICALS: 22 different, including Dartmoor-grown
FLAVOURS: Rich, full-flavoured and warming gin. This is not an overly aromatic gin, but instead a fantastically smooth all-rounder suitable for drinking neat, with a dash of bitters or with a sprig of rosemary in a G&T

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