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Barolo Castagni, La Morra Michele Reverdito

REGION: Piedmont, Italy



oVITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2017

INFO: One of the great Italian wine-making regions, the Piedmont has long been associated with huge, age-worthy wines in the style of the best of Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Bordeaux in France. This is still both true, and yet changing: most wines from this region need time (a lot of it) to soften and become more approachable. Michele Reverdito's first vintage was in 2000: until that year, his father had always sold his grapes to neighbours – he considered himself a farmer and not a winemaker. He vastly changed the production too: gone were the small French barrels which imparted all that oak, and in were much larger "tonneau" and stainless steel to focus on the fruit.

Velvety smooth, yet surprisingly fresh and approachable.

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