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Chanzy, Rully, Les Cailloux

REGION: Rully, Burgundy, France

VARIETIES: Chardonnay

VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2020

ABV: 13%

INFO: Rully vineyards stretch for about four kilometres from Chagny where it has a few climats, to the southern limit of the Rully commune where it adjoins the Mercurey vineyards. This area has a remarkable limestone terroir with enough marl and clay for the Chardonnay grape variety to have found its land of choice.

Slow and gentle pressing, and then fermentation in tuns and 450l barrels under temperature control. Elaborated in tuns and in barrels for twelve to 15 months and then 1 month of flavour maturation in stainless steel vats.

This Chardonnay is mineral-infused with a higher toned citrus element. A little retained petillance- the energy partly due to that. Modestly touched with tannin and with great intensity of flavour. Long finish. Some ageing potential here!



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