6 O'Clock Gin




In the mid 1980’s Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage started experimenting in the kitchen of their South Devon farmhouse with strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant liqueurs. The fruits came from their fruit farm and the recipes followed a ‘maceration’ method similar to that practised in France. Now, nearly thirty years since the first bottle of liqueur was made, Penelope and Edward’s son (Michael) and daughter ( Felicity) run the business; still making the liqueurs and sloe gin in exactly the same way – in small batches giving the freshest flavours possible. They launched their 6 O'Clock Gin range in 2010, and it has since won numerous awards for it's signature Strikingly Smooth style.

BOTANICALS: Top-secret!
FLAVOURS: When they say Strikingly smooth, they mean it. This is the kind of gin you'd happily sip on it's own over ice, but mixes wonderfully with a huge range of tonics, due to it's classic Juniper-led style.

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