New Wines Mixed Case



Some of the best of our new range.

Everyone has some timeless favourites, of course. We're no different at Jaded Palates, and there are some wines in our selection we will will always stock. But there are so many new wines and discoveries coming onto the market, that we'd be remiss if we didn't try to keep things fresh for our customers by taking them on and showcasing them. They'd only make it into our stores if we felt they did something better than what they replace, so you can be sure that all of these wines are truly original and exceptional.

So in the case below, you will find a classic Mendoza Malbec, but one which we think does amazing things for the price; a truly staggering Argentinian white from Susana Balbo, one of the premier female winemakers in the country; and a couple of brilliant wines from more unusual parts of Europe.

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