Death's Door Gin




We had to go well into left-field to convince ourselves that we had to stock something other than a UK gin. We looked at Dutch, German and even French gins before we found ourselves drawn magnetically towards the pure simplicity of Death's Door from the USA.

This is no shrinking violet (47%) but it is the very basic recipe which sets this gin apart. With just three botanicals, it is much more about the fact that they make their own base spirit from Wisconsin winter wheat. This is very unusual (most distilleries buy theirs in), and this gives them the freedom to create an amazingly different drink.

ABV: 47%
BOTANICALS: Just 3: juniper, coriander and fennel seeds
FLAVOURS: Despite that alcohol, this has to be one of the lightest, freshest gins we've tasted. Amazingly pure and clean: almost like a crisp Russian vodka, but with that classic juniper thrown in. Wonderful.

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