"It's a what, now?" Mixed Case




Always on the lookout for more unusual things? We've got 6 of 'em here.

So this is kind of what Jaded Palates is all about: finding something great in unusual places. And that doesn't necessarily mean trekking out to new wine destinations like Brazil, China, Thailand or Oxfordshire… quite often there are strange and mysterious wines right under our noses in the most traditional of places.

Take a look at the Chateau de Bel below, for instance - tearing up conformity and daring to try something new in Bordeaux. Or the incredibly balanced and exciting off-dry Sauvignon Blanc from Germany. You don't need to be a connoisseur to really get a kick out of these wines.

We've done the hard work finding them - you just need to pop the cork, pour a glass and let yourself be amused:

  • One bottle of Laia Blanco - sharp, tangy, salty goodness from the Cava grape
  • One bottle of Clair de Lune - floral, herbal and so wonderfully fresh Chenin from Montlouis-sur-Loire
  • One bottle of Sweetheart Sauvignon Blanc - an incredible sweet/sharp German Sauvignon Blanc
  • One bottle of Convento da Vila - smooth, fruity, spicy Portuguese
  • One bottle of Kayra Okuzgozu - wait, a TURKISH red?! This is getting silly
  • One bottle of Chateau de Bel - tearing-up-convention Bordeaux
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