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Henriques & Henriques 15yo Bual - Madeira




There are 6 major grape varieties that indicate the style of the Madeira:

Sercial – The most dry.
Verdelho – Medium dry.
Bual – Medium rich/sweet.
Malvasia – Most classic Madeira grape, the richest and sweetest.
Terrantez – A rare variety that produces much sought after wines.
Tinta Negra - The most prolific and versatile of the grapes.

The history of Henriques & Henriques, founded by João Gonçalves Henriques goes back to 1850. After his death in 1912, a partnership was created between his sons, Francisco Eduardo and João Joaquim Henriques, hence Henriques & Henriques.

From then on, Henriques & Henriques played an important role in viticulture and wine making on the Island and in 1913, the family interests were established as a firm, and by 1925, the firm concentrated on shipping its own wines instead of supplying them to other shippers.

This 15yo Bual is gorgeous - full of rich dried fruits, perfectly balanced between the sweet and the acidic.

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