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Yumbel Estacion Pais - Maule

REGION: Maule, Chile



VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2016


INFO: After studying oenology and working as a viticulturist for commercial wineries for many years, Maricio Gonzalez Carreño and his family decided “to live with our hands in our own soil”, to work and live as his ancestors did. This wine comes from 150 year old bush vines, on volcanic, basalt rock and little Granite soil. Managed as naturally as possible, without irrigation, and on their own rootstocks. All vineyard work is carried out by hand. DNA tests have traced the roots of Pais to Listan Prieto, a grape indigenous to the Canary Islands, which was brought over to the Americas by Spanish missionaries in the mid-16th century.

Pure bright fruit, herbs, spices and rustic!

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