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Vegan White Wine Case - Four Bottle

Vegan wines are made without the use of animal products to filter the wines. The winemakers rely on non animal fining products or allow the sediment to settle naturally.

We have a significant number of our shop customers who buy vegan wine, so with lots of their feedback and the inclusion of some of our favourites, we have come up with this case of real winners!

We have listened to their comments and included mainly Old World wine to reduce the wine miles and selected some organic bottles. We've also tried to include some wines that are a little different and interesting.

They come gift packaged in our bespoke box, nestled in wood wool and include one of each of the following bottles;

  • Mad, Dry Furmint, Tokaji - a Chablis style, award winning, wine from Hungary.
  • Baglio Gibellina, Grillo - an organic Grillo from Sicily, perfect with seafood.
  • Mabis, Biscardo Oropasso - delicate, floral,  yet structured Garganega, Chardonny blend from the Veneto. A huge hit in the shops this Summer!
  • Domaine De La Couvette Beaujolais Blanc - elegant french Chardonnay, that's produced to organic standards in the Beaujolais region
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