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Tenute Rubino Oltreme - Puglia

REGION: Puglia, Italy

VARIETIES: Susumaniello


VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2017

INFO: Puglia is an often criminally overlooked region of Italy, in favour of its more illustrious (and richer) paisanos to the North. It is thus a prime Jaded Palates area. As always with Italy, you also get the varietals that just aren’t grown anywhere else: Negroamaro, Primitivo (although its other name Zinfandel, is grown a lot in California) and this: Susumaniello. Hugely flavourful, rich and velvety. An incredible array of flavours available from such an unassuming area.

Plums, cherries, pomegranate and spice. Really velvety.

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