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Oliver Zeter "Sweetheart" Sauvignon Blanc 50cl - Pfalz

REGION: Pfalz, Germany

VARIETIES: Sauvignon Blanc

ALCOHOL:  7.2%

VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2019

INFO: Ah, Germany - the land of Riesling. Such a noble grape in so many different. . . wait, what? This is a Sauvignon Blanc?! Heresy! And yet, what Oliver Zeter does is exciting all kinds of people in the wine world. That doesn’t really mean much, though, so instead just understand that what he is doing is so far away from the norm, both for the region, and the grape. Sauvignon is known for producing Sauternes, of course, and this isn’t a million miles away.

Fruity, exotic, vibrant, honey, spices, apricots. Woah.

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