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Recoleta Malbec

REGION: Mendoza, Argentina



VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2019/20

INFO: At the age of 21 Mauricio Lorca was all set to begin studying medicine and become a doctor. Around this time, however, a representative from the Mendoza School of Enology came to give a presentation to Mauricio and his fellow students. From that moment onwards, much to the bemusement of his family, Mauricio decided to dedicate his life to making wine. Luckily for us, he stuck to it, and is now one of the very few truly world-renowned winemakers in Argentina. Considering all this, we are truly delighted to offer such a great value wine from such a producer - all from fruit at the higher altitudes of Mendoza, so it keeps its great balance and finesse.

Really excellent value: bright, fruity, clean, delicious.


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