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Luddite Saboteur Chenin Blanc - Bot River

NREGION: Bot River, South Africa

VARIETIES: Chenin, Fumé Blanc

ALCOHOL: 12.5%

VITICULTURE: Conventional

YEAR: 2016

Niels Verburg, part mountain, part winemaker describes his methods as follows: “The nitty gritty of good winemaking is to have good grapes, good yeast and good barrels. Being hi-tech and cutting edge isn’t important to me. When you go into a winery and see the centrifuges and reverse osmosis, it’s like going into the kitchen of a top restaurant and seeing a microwave, you think “Hey, that’s not right!” Following 8 years at one of South Africa's top wineries, Beaumont, this is his own heart and soul now.


Searingly fresh, creamy, honeyed apricots, crisp grass.

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