Reserve de Fleur - Cotes du Rhone 990 1 /products/reserve-de-fleur-cotes-du-rhone?variant=19005468868726 reserve-de-fleur-cotes-du-rhone Jaded Palates Red REGION: Rhone Valley, France VARIETIES: Syrah-dominant blend ALCOHOL: 14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Very occasionally, we think it's worth looking beyond our usual philosophy of working directly with those who both grow the grapes and make the wine. Our experience is that the best people to make the wines are those who have lovingly tended to the vines. In this case, though, the experience of the merchants and the oenologist they teamed up with shines through. They chose great grapes, and did just enough to them to produce this incredible-value beauty. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Dark and red fruits, spice... What value! Palazzo del Mare Nero d'Avola - Sicily 650 1 /products/palazzo-del-mare-nero-davola-sicily?variant=19005461889142 palazzo-del-mare-nero-davola-sicily Jaded Palates Red REGION: Sicily, Italy VARIETIES: Nero d'Avola ALCOHOL: 12.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Sicily, like much of the Mediterranean, is one of the best places to look for value these days. You still have to wary of the producer, but with their natural climate (hot, but moderated by the sea) it's almost impossible not to produce decent grapes. Nero d'Avola is the native grape, and it does everything from straight-forward, fruity reds like this, to more powerful, bold wines. You're not going to go wrong with this wine. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Perfect weeknight wine with pizza or pasta. Pago de Cubas Incredulo - Toro 1950 1 /products/pago-de-cubas-incredulo-toro?variant=19005443276918 pago-de-cubas-incredulo-toro Jaded Palates Red REGION: Toro, Spain VARIETIES: Tinta de Toro ALCOHOL:  14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2010 INFO: Pago de Cubas was formed out of a desire of a group of businessmen to highlight the potential of the region of Toro to those who were “lncredulo”. Long considered a lowly cousin to its more illustrious neighbours both further up and down the river Duero (Douro in Portugal, and Ribero del Duero in Spain), with careful management of ripeness, the crazy daily temperature variations means great structure and acidity can still be kept. These are wines which really surprise. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Wow. Incredulous no more. Enormously tasty wine. Monemvasia Winery 2007 Red - Monemvasia 1690 1 /products/monemvasia-winery-2007-red-monemvasia?variant=19005475618934 monemvasia-winery-2007-red-monemvasia Jaded Palates Red REGION: Monemvasia, Greece VARIETIES: Agiorgitiko, Mavroudi ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: You have to love handling wines from places like Greece, as the history of winemaking here stretches back such a long way: in this case, back to the Byzantine era. Indeed, Monemvasia-Malvasia was known as one of the best wines in the world from the 13th-17th centuries, and the grape Malvasia was named after the region and makes Malmsey Madeira. Today, the winery produces a range of wines, including this amazingly well-aged red. If you don't want to fork out for older Bordeaux, try this as a really good alternative. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Smoky, earthy and spicy. Still fruity too. Momento Chenin Blanc/Verdelho - Bot River 1730 1 /products/momento-chenin-blancverdelho-bot-river?variant=19005435445366 momento-chenin-blancverdelho-bot-river Jaded Palates White REGION: Bot River, South Africa VARIETIES: Chenin Blanc/Verdelho ALCOHOL:  12.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Chenin really is THE grape of South Africa. Originating in the Loire, where it makes a huge range of different styles of whites, many now think South Africa is where this underrated grape is really making its name. Here, it takes on a much weightier characteristic, and more pronounced, riper fruits. Marelise Niemann, the highly skilled winemaker, is a true craftsperson - creating an incredibly expressive and well balanced wine. Delicious. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Orange, honeysuckle and spices. Mineral and vibrant. Lynx Vino Tinto - Franschoek 1050 1 /products/lynx-vino-tinto-franschoek?variant=19005472833654 lynx-vino-tinto-franschoek Jaded Palates Red REGION: Franschoek, South Africa VARIETIES: Field blend ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Originally an engineer who was looking for somewhere nice to move to, Dieter Sellmeyer turned to winemaking purely as a hobby initially, as the place he bought in South Africa happened to have some vines. His attention-to-detail kicked in, though, and he just couldn't help himself trying to tweak, cajole and improve year on year. Now in his 15th year, I think you can say he's cracked it! A really wild blend of all sorts goes in this: Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Mourvedre... This can sometimes confuse, but not here. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Great punchy fruit and spices. Excellent value. Lyme Bay Shoreline - England 1400 1 /products/lyme-bay-shoreline-england?variant=19005438886006 lyme-bay-shoreline-england Jaded Palates White REGION: Devon, England VARIETIES: Seyval Blanc. Bacchus ALCOHOL:  11% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Lyme Bay Winery is one of a handful of wineries in the South West who are starting to make waves, and not just because of their sparkling. Indeed, it was their still wines for which they have begun to win awards, due to their big investment in quality of fruit and excellent winery practices. This crisp, refreshing Shoreline is comparable to a good Sancerre or Muscadet with more fruit than either. Ideal seafood wine. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Dry, crisp, very refreshing. Perfect with oysters. Juan Simon Cartan Seleccion - Navarra 1290 1 /products/juan-simon-cartan-seleccion-navarra?variant=19005442687094 juan-simon-cartan-seleccion-navarra Jaded Palates Red REGION: Navarra, Spain VARIETIES: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon ALCOHOL:  14% VITICULTURE: Organic YEAR: 2014 INFO: Another Spanish wine region that ISN’T Rioja! Although this one isn’t really very far away, and therefore benefits from a similar climate, if a somewhat more mountainous terrain. More typically known for average rosé, it is only in recent years that Navarra has started producing high quality reds and whites too. Juan Simon is a pioneer of organic viticulture in the region, and the care and attention to his craft is very obviously on display here. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Great richness with plenty of smooth fruit. Joiseph BFF Blaufrankisch - Burgenland 2990 1 /products/joiseph-bff-blaufrankisch-burgenland?variant=19005487906934 joiseph-bff-blaufrankisch-burgenland Jaded Palates Red REGION: Burgenland, Austria VARIETIES: Blaufrankisch ALCOHOL: 13.5% VITICULTURE: Organic VEGETARIAN: Vegan YEAR: 2015 INFO: Even though you may have never heard of this varietal before (or its synonym, Lemberger), it has still be around an awfully long time. Some estimates reckon Blaufrankisch has been growing on the Austria-Hungary borders since the 10th century, giving a real sense of the history of winemaking in this region. Luka Zeichmann is the brainchild behind this very new winery, where the focus is on being as hands-off as possible. Organically produced, very low sulphur and no filtration mean what you taste is pretty unadulterated. And boy, is it something...   7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Smooth red and blackcurrants, but alive and kicking! Eschenhof Holzer Eisengut Zweigelt - Austria 1340 1 /products/eschenhof-holzer-eisengut-zweigelt-austria?variant=19005450715254 eschenhof-holzer-eisengut-zweigelt-austria Jaded Palates Red REGION: Wagram, Austria VARIETIES: Zweigelt ALCOHOL:  13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Often known as “the Pinot Noir of Austria”, Zweigelt is a very interesting variety. Yes, it has the same bright red fruit as a Pinot, but that peppery note with the slightly fuller body reminds me more of a good Rhone Syrah. Arnold Holzer took over this estate from his father at age 22, and, together with his brother, they are the fifth generation of Holzers to farm this vineyard. With youth, they have brought exuberance and a keen eye for marketing. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Bright, fresh, juicy cranberries with black pepper. Domaine Thibault Pouilly Fumé - Loire 1790 1 /products/domaine-thibault-pouilly-fum-loire?variant=19005487153270 domaine-thibault-pouilly-fum-loire Jaded Palates White REGION: Pouilly-Fumé, Loire VARIETIES: Sauvignon Blanc ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Some years ago, André Dezat bought 4.5 hectares of particularly well-sited vineyard near Tracy. Since then, low yields and assiduous care taken both in the vineyard and cellars ensure a great wine with a pedigree second to none. It's not often a wine wins awards in this prestigious region, so it's not surprising that everyone has been astonished by the quality since their first vintage in 1984 won a gold medal in Paris. This is exactly what you'd expect - searingly fresh, and wonderfully drinkable. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Bracing grapefruit, gunsmoke and stones. Pure Fumé. Chateau Fleur de Lisse Grand Cru - St Emilion 2590 1 /products/chateau-fleur-de-lisse-grand-cru-st-emilion?variant=19005425811574 chateau-fleur-de-lisse-grand-cru-st-emilion Jaded Palates Red REGION: St. Emilion, France VARIETIES: Merlot, Cabernet Franc ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2012 INFO: Everyone knows about St. Emilion, but not everyone knows what the difference is between the two banks of the river that defines Bordeaux. St. Emilion and Pomerol are on the Right Bank (East), and the big names of Margaux, Pauillac, St. Esteph and the others, are on the Left. The primary thing you need to know, is that Right Bank wines are mostly Merlot-dominant wines - yes, that much maligned grape produces some of the best wine in the world! 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Excellent example, plum, raspberry, rich, full, structured. Chateau de Bel Franc de Bel - Bordeaux 2390 1 /products/chateau-de-bel-franc-de-bel-bordeaux?variant=19005456580726 chateau-de-bel-franc-de-bel-bordeaux Jaded Palates Red REGION: Bordeaux, France VARIETIES: Cabernet Franc ALCOHOL:  13.5% VITICULTURE: Biodynamic YEAR: NV INFO: Olivier Cazenave is nothing if not brave. How else do you explain someone who is wlling to take on the history, prestige and influence of the Bordeaux wine world? Yet, this is what he is attempting to do. He's growing Chenin Blanc, blending vintages together like Sherry and using these very un-Bordeaux bottles, for goodness sake! Yet, if he carries on like this, the establishment will have no choice but to recognise him for what he is: a slightly nuts, but bona fide genius. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Dark, smooth, full, oaked. A genuine Bordeaux. Broken Shackle Classic Red - Australia 720 1 /products/broken-shackle-classic-red-australia?variant=19005421060214 broken-shackle-classic-red-australia Jaded Palates Red REGION: Australia VARIETIES: Shiraz, Merlot ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2015 INFO: Cheap Aussie reds are 25 to the penny. Decent cheap Aussie reds on the other hand are pretty thin on the ground. It's simply not good enough any longer for Australia to just churn out rubbish product year after year - it must be good, or we don’t buy it. This just does exactly what it should - fruit, generous and fun. Pure gluggability. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Don’t look for complexity, just enjoy it. Berry Brothers The Merchant's Range Claret - Bordeaux 1090 1 /products/berry-brothers-the-merchants-range-claret-bordeaux?variant=19005468999798 berry-brothers-the-merchants-range-claret-bordeaux Jaded Palates Red REGION: Bordeaux, France VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvginon, Merlot ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: The Berry Brothers are synonymous with quality. The oldest of all the UK's wine merchants, established in 1698, possessor of two royal warrants, there isn't much that these folks don't know about fine wines. So when they started to produce a new range of wines specifically aimed at independent merchants like us, we thought they were at the very least worth a try. And what a result: a very similar blend to their Good Ordinary Claret, this is all you good hope for in a wonderfully-priced Bordeaux. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Fantastic value: full, bold, rich and smooth. Aubai Mema Lunatico - Gard 2180 1 /products/aubai-mema-lunatico-gard?variant=19005456056438 aubai-mema-lunatico-gard Jaded Palates Red REGION: Gard, Languedoc, France VARIETIES: Grenache ALCOHOL: 14% VITICULTURE: Organic YEAR: 2014 INFO: Mark Haynes is the half-English, half-French vigneron behind this wonderfully old-fashioned yet modern winery. Having spent time in the region with his French mother in his youth, he came to buy 10 hectares of vines in the Aubais region in 2002 and set about learning about and then producing precociously good wines. “Lunatique” in French refers to going mad due to the moon (Lune), which Mark finds apt: he uses the lunar calendar to grow his grapes, and is going mad in the process! 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Masses of flavour, rich, dense and gorgeous. Zerella La Gita Fiano - McLaren Vale 1690 1 /products/zerella-la-gita-fiano-mclaren-vale?variant=19005496557686 zerella-la-gita-fiano-mclaren-vale Jaded Palates White Yumbel Estacion Pais - Maule 1750 1 /products/yumbel-estacion-pais-maule?variant=19005495836790 yumbel-estacion-pais-maule Jaded Palates Red REGION: Maule, Chile VARIETIES: Pais ALCOHOL: 12% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegan INFO: After studying oenology and working as a viticulturist for commercial wineries for many years, Maricio Gonzalez Carreño and his family decided “to live with our hands in our own soil”, to work and live as his ancestors did. This wine comes from 150 year old bush vines, on volcanic, basalt rock and little Granite soil. Managed as naturally as possible, without irrigation, and on their own rootstocks. All vineyard work is carried out by hand. DNA tests have traced the roots of Pais to Listan Prieto, a grape indigenous to the Canary Islands, which was brought over to the Americas by Spanish missionaries in the mid-16th century. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Pure bright fruit, herbs, spices and rustic! Vina Cobos Felino - Mendoza 1460 1 /products/vina-cobos-felino-mendoza?variant=19188910260342 recoleta-malbec-mendoza Jaded Palates Red REGION: Mendoza, Argentina VARIETIES: Malbec ALCOHOL:  14% VITICULTURE: Sustainable YEAR: 2015 INFO: After visiting Argentina in 1989, Californian trail-blazer Paul Hobbs became deeply interested in both the terroir and Argentine culture, noticing the unique potential for Malbec and other varietals in the region. After meeting two kindred spirits, Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud, they founded Viña Cobos in 1997 and since then there has been no looking back. Utilising gnarly old vines, careful vineyard selection, very low yields and an unerring empathy for the raw materials, Viña Cobos craft intense yet balanced wines that showcase the elegance and beauty of this region. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Beautiful soft yet structured dark fruit. Smooth. Villa Locatelli Pinot Bianco - Friuli 1150 1 /products/villa-locatelli-pinot-bianco-friuli?variant=19005450125430 villa-locatelli-pinot-bianco-friuli Jaded Palates White Vierkoppen Cabernet Sauvignon - Robertson 1530 1 /products/vierkoppen-cabernet-sauvignon-robertson?variant=19005445570678 vierkoppen-cabernet-sauvignon-robertson Jaded Palates Red REGION: Robertson, South Africa VARIETIES: Cabernet ALCOHOL:  13.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2011 INFO: English winemakers have never lacked for passion, enthusiasm or entrepreneurial spirit. Until recently, though, the products were never good enough to justify the excitement. So they tended to find more hospitable climes overseas. David Briscoe has vines in Hertfordshire, and also this lovely estate inland of Cape Town at Robertson - an up-and-coming region. He favours the traditional Bordeaux varietals, and treats their excellent ripeness very well indeed. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Smooth, balanced, fruity and rather scarily drinkable. Vale de Lobos Grande Escolha - Tejo 2100 1 /products/vale-de-lobos-grande-escolha-tejo?variant=19005480271990 vale-de-lobos-grande-escolha-tejo Jaded Palates Red REGION: Tejo, Portgual VARIETIES: Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet, Syrah ALCOHOL:  14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2013 INFO: When our resident winemaker, Ian, went on a tasting trip to Tejo, he wasn't sure what he'd find. Quinta da Ribeirinha was certainly one of the highlights, producing a wide range of wines at very different price points, always with a style that is very typical of the region: crisp, mineral and almost bitter-almond in flavour. This is their very top red - a product of very careful blending and ageing. It is rich, dense and extremely more-ish. Look no further for a great representation of what the very best of Portugal is. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Dark, almost balsamic, very well structured. Fabulous. Tikves Cuvee Cyril - Macedonia 990 1 /products/tikves-cuvee-cyril-macedonia?variant=19471772745846 tikves-cyril Jaded Palates White REGION: Tikves, Macedonia VARIETIES: Smederevka, Rekaciteli ALCOHOL: 12% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegan INFO: The Tikveš Winery has been narrating the Republic of Macedonia’s story as a winemaking country since 1885. However, the Republic of Macedonia remains one of Europe’s last undiscovered wine countries: it is a natural paradise of vineyards, mountains, lakes and rivers, with a climate perfectly suited to producing quality grapes. Smederevka is the leading grape variety for white wines in the region and Rekaciteli is an ancient variety which produces crisp wines with floral notes. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Lovely fresh peaches, melon and cut grass. Terra d'Alter Tinto Reserva - Alentejo 1550 1 /products/terra-dalter-tinto-reserva-alentejo?variant=19005454680182 terra-dalter-tinto-reserva-alentejo Jaded Palates Red REGION: Alentejo, Portugal VARIETIES: Trincadeira, Tinta Caiada ALCOHOL:  15% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2013 INFO: Portugal is hopefully finally about to start becoming known for its winemaking potential outside of Port, and even outside of Douro which is why the majority of Portugal’s wines are produced. The smaller region of Alentejo is distinctly Mediterranean due to its relative altitude. Peter Bright, the winemaker in charge of this range of wines, was the original Australian “flying winemaker” and has judged the balance between these native grape varieties extremely well. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Fruity, powerful, yet a surprising fresh brightness. Terra d'Alter Alfrocheiro - Alentejo 1150 1 /products/terra-dalter-alfrocheiro-alentejo?variant=19005472309366 terra-dalter-alfrocheiro-alentejo Jaded Palates Red REGION: Alentejo, Portgual VARIETIES: Alfrocheiro ALCOHOL: 14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Often described as "the pinot noir of Portugal", we actually think this undersells this highly versatile grape variety. Yes, it is lighter in body than many other Portuguese varieties, but it is probably a little more approachable than pinot. Perhaps Grenache would be a better comparator: this shows lovely red fruits, brambly flavours and lovely pepper-y spice. Made by a highly accomplished flying Australian winemaker who is rigorous in his handling of good fruit. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Bright, fresh, red fruits. Nice pepper too. Tenute Rubino Oltreme - Puglia 1550 1 /products/tenute-rubino-oltreme-puglia?variant=19005412835446 tenute-rubino-oltreme-puglia Jaded Palates Red REGION: Puglia, Italy VARIETIES: Susumaniello ALCOHOL:  13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Puglia is an often criminally overlooked region of Italy, in favour of its more illustrious (and richer) paisanos to the North. It is thus a prime Jaded Palates area. As always with Italy, you also get the varietals that just aren’t grown anywhere else: Negroamaro, Primitivo (although its other name Zinfandel, is grown a lot in California) and this: Susumaniello. Hugely flavourful, rich and velvety. An incredible array of flavours available from such an unassuming area. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Plums, cherries, pomegranate and spice. Really velvety. Tablas Creek Cotes de Tablas - Paso Robles 2750 1 /products/tablas-creek-cotes-de-tablas-paso-robles?variant=19005469098102 tablas-creek-cotes-de-tablas-paso-robles Jaded Palates Red REGION: Paso Robles, California VARIETIES: Grenache, Syrah, Counoise ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2012 INFO: If we said this was close to a top-quality Chateauneuf-du-Pape you'll get outside of the famous appellation itself, there are several very good reasons why. Firstly, the location: Paso Robles has a very similar soil-type and climate. Then, the grapes: classic Rhone-blend. Finally, the producers: Tablas Creek was set up by the famous Perrin family, who make some of the world's great Rhone wines, including Chateau de Beaucastel and Miraval (still owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). This combo produces something amazing. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Proper Chateauneuf from California! Big, deep, wonderful. Susana Balbo Signature White Blend - Lujan de Cujo 1790 1 /products/susana-balbo-signature-white-blend-lujan-de-cujo?variant=19005478240374 susana-balbo-signature-white-blend-lujan-de-cujo Jaded Palates White REGION: Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza VARIETIES: Semillon, Sauvignon, Torrontes ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Susana Balbo's career in wine began in 1981 when she graduated with a degree in oenology from Don Bosco University, effectively becoming the first female winemaker in Argentina. She made her first wine - a Torrontés from Salta - in 1983 and since then hasn't stopped! This, as the name suggests, is her calling-card white. An unusual blend of grape varieties, even though the first two are well known both in Bordeaux and Australia. The combination of the floral, lychee, tropicalness of the Torrontes somehow marries superbly with the flinty, salty Sauvignon. Amazing. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Fascinatingly complex: grapefruit, ginger, smoke, grassiness, herbs. St Tamas Mad Dry Furmint - Tokaji 1450 1 /products/st-tamas-mad-dry-furmint-tokaji?variant=19005494952054 st-tamas-mad-dry-furmint-tokaji Jaded Palates White REGION: Tokaji, Hungary VARIETIES: Furmint ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2015 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegan INFO: Mad by location, rather than by nature, the town of Mad in Tokaji has long been known as providing some of the key vineyards within this historic region. Working with vineyards shaped by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, terroir is key and the wines present unique flavours that originate from the different soil structures. Winemaker Istevan Szepsy of St Tamás believes that this area should be seen as world class and he won't stop until he achieves it.   7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Incredibly balanced, bracing, refreshing. Mini Chablis/Loire cross. Skouras Moscofilero - Greece 1420 1 /products/skouras-moscofilero-greece?variant=19005458088054 skouras-moscofilero-greece Jaded Palates White Sharpham Sparkling White - Devon 2800 1 /products/sharpham-sparkling-white-devon?variant=19005490135158 sharpham-sparkling-white-devon Jaded Palates Sparkling Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve - Devon 1290 1 /products/sharpham-dart-valley-reserve-devon?variant=19005476536438 sharpham-dart-valley-reserve-devon Jaded Palates White REGION: Devon, England VARIETIES: Madeleine Angevine, Phoenix, Bacchus ALCOHOL: 11% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2015 INFO: The Sharpham House was built in 1970 by Philemon Pownell with the proceeds of the capture of The Hermione, a Spanish treasure galleon. When Maurice and Ruth Ash bought the Sharpham Estate in 1962, it was already a 100-acre farm running on Steiner principles, with cows, vines, creamery and dairy farm. As such, they control the production of their award-winning wines and cheeses from start to finish, very much in the European style. Using cool-climate, mostly Germanic grape varieties, they produce very drinkable, good value English wines. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Vibrant, crisp, aromatic, lively. Best of Devon. Serbal Pinot Noir - Tupungato 1490 1 /products/serbal-pinot-noir-tupungato?variant=19005478731894 serbal-pinot-noir-tupungato Jaded Palates Red REGION: Tupungato, Uco Valley VARIETIES: Pinot Noir ALCOHOL:  13.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: "We want to make great wines, we want to be successful, but we don't want to be big!" This is a small to medium sized producer that believes it must work within a pre-defined maximum scale in order to maintain the highest possible style and quality credentials. It's working, as testified by the 2015 Sommelier Wine Awards when no fewer than three of the wines won gold medals (including this one) and Atamisque was named New World Producer of the Year. It does what any Pinot Noir fan would hope, without having to pay Burgundy prices. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Bright, lively red fruits, supple and soft. Scuola Grande Amarone - Veneto 2650 1 /products/scuola-grande-amarone-veneto?variant=19005504618614 scuola-grande-amarone-veneto Jaded Palates Red REGION: Valpolicella, Italy VARIETIES: Corvina ALCOHOL:  15.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2012 INFO: Amarone is one of the great Italian wines, and there's plenty to choose from in that category. Made traditionally by partially drying the grapes for a fixed period of time to reduce the water content and thus concentrate the flavours, what you're left with is probably the most intensely flavoured wine in the world. Rich, luxurious, powerful - this is not a wine for the faint-hearted! Pair it well with big, bold stews and casseroles, or even as an alternative to Port with cheese. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Huge, rich, full-flavoured plums, spices and gloriousness. Schloss Johannisburg Riesling Spatlese - Rheingau 3375 1 /products/schloss-johannisburg-riesling-spatlese-rheingau?variant=19005436854390 schloss-johannisburg-riesling-spatlese-rheingau Jaded Palates White Santa Macarena Pinot Noir - Central Valley 990 1 /products/santa-macarena-pinot-noir-mendoza?variant=19190460448886 serbal-pinot-noir-tupungato Jaded Palates Red REGION: Central Valley, Chile REGION: San Antonio, Chile VARIETIES: Pinot Noir ALCOHOL: 14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2015 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegan INFO: The morning mists which roll in over this small vineyard just 5km from the sea, much like Napa or Bordeaux, provide the perfect cool conditions for producing great quality Pinot Noir. Indeed, we often feel that the best place in the world for expressing exactly what a particular grape tastes like is Chile - somehow, the unbelievable pristine air and dazzling sunlight just bring all varietals to their fore. The only thing added is a little oak to enrich the fruit and smooth over the edges.   7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Very versatile bright red berries. Smoothly drinkable. S A Prum Bernkasteler Ley 2010 - Mosel 1990 1 /products/s-a-prum-bernkasteler-ley-2010-mosel?variant=19005454057590 s-a-prum-bernkasteler-ley-2010-mosel Jaded Palates White S A Prum "Solitar" Riesling - Mosel 1200 1 /products/s-a-prum-solitar-mosel?variant=19389981229174 prum-solitar Jaded Palates White REGION: Mosel, Germany VARIETIES: Riesling ALCOHOL: 11% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Yes, Riesling is unfashionable, we know. We think this is a real shame, as there are few other grapes that produce quite such a variety of styles as this. From bone dry (as this one is) to sticky sweet, Riesling is a wine for all occasions. And the Prum name is synonymous with quality wine production in the Mosel since 1156! So if anyone knows what they're doing... Just trust us when we say this crisp, bright fresh little number is a blinding aperitif wine. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Crisp, bright, fresh green apples and flowers. Rusty Mutt Viognier - McLaren Vale 1490 1 /products/rusty-mutt-viognier-mclaren-vale?variant=19005497507958 rusty-mutt-viognier-mclaren-vale Jaded Palates White Roda Reserva - Rioja 2890 1 /products/roda-reserva-rioja?variant=19005485514870 roda-reserva-rioja Jaded Palates Red REGION: Rioja, Spain VARIETIES: Tempranillo ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2012 INFO: When phylloxera started killing off France's grapevines in the late 19th Century, many famous wine houses made their way over to Rioja to escape the pest. Of course, phylloxera eventually crossed the Pyrenees too, but not before the winemakers had discovered some serious wines could be made here. Roda is frankly the best example of why Rioja still has a cachet about it: both traditional and old-fashioned in their approach to looking after the vines, and modern in their handling of flavours and oak. This is quite simply one of the best Riojas you'll ever taste. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Ridiculously complex: cherries, blackberries, brambles, spices, earth... Roberto Sarotto Gavi - Gavi 1250 1 /products/roberto-sarotto-gavi-gavi?variant=19005486334070 roberto-sarotto-gavi-gavi Jaded Palates White REGION: Piedmont, Italy VARIETIES: Cortese ALCOHOL: 12.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegetarian INFO: Whilst Piedmont is certainly known for producing big, powerful reds, it also has the climate to grow a wide variety of whites. The most famous of which is undoubtedly the Cortese which produces Gavi di Gavi. Gavi is a synonym for Cortese, named after the commune of Gavi, just to confuse things (similar to Montepulciano). In any event, it's a wonderful, light, floral and delicate wine with a little more persistence than you might expect. Goes well with a very wide range of food, or on its own.   7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Versatile: floral, fruity, yet body and depth. Recoleta Malbec - Mendoza 1050 1 /products/recoleta-malbec-mendoza?variant=19005478797430 recoleta-malbec-mendoza Jaded Palates Red REGION: Mendoza, Argentina VARIETIES: Malbec ALCOHOL:  14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: At the age of 21 Mauricio Lorca was all set to begin studying medicine and become a doctor. Around this time, however, a representative from the Mendoza School of Enology came to give a presentation to Mauricio and his fellow students. From that moment onwards, much to the bemusement of his family, Mauricio decided to dedicate his life to making wine. Luckily for us, he stuck to it, and is now one of the very few truly world-renowned winemakers in Argentina. Considering all this, we are truly delighted to offer such a great value wine from such a producer - all from fruit at the higher altitudes of Mendoza, so it keeps its great balance and finesse. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Really excellent value: bright, fruity, clean, delicious. Quinta da Alorna Branco - Tejo 990 1 /products/quinta-da-alorna-branco-tejo?variant=19005506093174 quinta-da-alorna-branco-tejo Jaded Palates White REGION: Tejo, Portugal VARIETIES: Fernao Pires, Arinto, Sauvignon Blanc ALCOHOL: 12.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegetarian INFO: The Quinta da Alorna is a stunning, 18th Century manor house with grounds which run down to the River Tejo's banks. Whilst still focusing on the native Portuguese varieties, they like to blend in more internationally-known choices too, to make their wines a little more approachable for all. Whilst not organic, they minimise the use of pesticides and take great care in respecting both their workers and the land. One of the landmark producers of this fast-rising region.   7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Vibrant tropical fruit, with grassy, tangy undertones. Pulenta Malbec - Mendoza 1995 1 /products/pulenta-malbec-mendoza?variant=19005469851766 pulenta-malbec-mendoza Jaded Palates Red REGION: Mendoza, Argentina VARIETIES: Malbec ALCOHOL: 14.5% VITICULTURE: Uncertified Organic YEAR: 2014 INFO: The first Pulentas arrived in Argentina from Italy in 1902, and by 1912, the first vine was planted by two brothers. It wasn't until 2002, though, 100 years after the current winemaker, Edouardo's grandfather arrived in Mendoza, that the Pulenta Estate was actually created. This is no ordinary Argentine Malbec either. Indeed, it isn't even the best one they produce, despite the relatively high price. That they concentrate on high quality and intense flavours is clear. Punchy and big, yes, but also not over-ripe and with really great structure. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Punchy, complex, spicy. Well beyond the ordinary. Piantaferro Primitivo di Manduria - Puglia 1090 1 /products/piantaferro-primitivo-di-manduria-puglia?variant=19005490266230 piantaferro-primitivo-di-manduria-puglia Jaded Palates Red Palazzo del Mare Catarratto - Sicily 650 1 /products/palazzo-del-mare-catarratto-sicily?variant=19005458743414 palazzo-del-mare-catarratto-sicily Jaded Palates White REGION: Sicily, Italy VARIETIES: Catarrato ALCOHOL: 12% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Sicily, like much of the Mediterranean, is one of the best places to look for value these days. You still have to wary of the producer, but with their natural climate (hot, but moderated by the sea) it's almost impossible not to produce decent grapes. Catarratto is the native white grape, and it produces wonderfully mineral, fresh and almost salty wines. You're not going to go wrong with this wine. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Crisp, zingy and tangy. Excellent aperitif wine. Painted Wolf Roussanne - Paarl 1650 1 /products/painted-wolf-roussanne-paarl?variant=19005488300150 painted-wolf-roussanne-paarl Jaded Palates White REGION: Paarl, South Africa VARIETIES: Roussanne ALCOHOL: 13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Jeremy and Emma Borg are the brainchilds behind this wonderful Rhone valley-style white. Painted Wolf Wines is a dynamic, innovative South African wine company. They are dedicated to the production of distinct, authentic wines, the conservation of African wild dogs and their habitat and the building of a community which share similar interests and values. They actively support the conservation of African Wild Dogs. Funds from every bottle sold go towards the research and conservation of this intriguing, beautiful but highly endangered species – successful long term conservation of African Wild Dogs is only possible where large tracts of wilderness still exist… 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Aromatic, full, ripe peaches, cream and honey Oliver Zeter Sauvignon Brut - Pfalz 1990 1 /products/oliver-zeter-sauvignon-brut-pfalz?variant=19005490954358 oliver-zeter-sauvignon-brut-pfalz Jaded Palates Sparkling Oliver Zeter Sauvignon Blanc Fumé - Pfalz 2190 1 /products/oliver-zeter-sauvignon-blanc-fume-pfalz?variant=19530220798070 oliver-zeter-fume-blanc Jaded Palates White REGION: Pfalz, Germany VARIETIES: Sauvignon Blanc ALCOHOL:  13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2016 INFO: Ah, Germany - the land of Riesling. Such a noble grape in so many different. . . wait, what? This is a Sauvignon Blanc?! Heresy! And yet, what Oliver Zeter does is exciting all kinds of people in the wine world. That doesn’t really mean much, though, so instead just understand that what he is doing is so far away from the norm, both for the region, and the grape. Sauvignon is known for producing some of the best whites in the world from Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, of course, and this isn’t a million miles away. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Smokey, flinty, bracing acidity. Amazing Sancerre style. Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir - Pfalz 2450 1 /products/oliver-zeter-pinot-noir-pfalz?variant=19005480566902 oliver-zeter-pinot-noir-pfalz Jaded Palates Red REGION: Pfalz, Germany VARIETIES: Pinot Noir ALCOHOL:  13% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Oliver Zeter bottled his first vintage in 2007. Now with 6 hectares of his own vines, along with great relationships with some of the premier growers of the region, he is establishing himself as one of the real rising stars of German winemaking. The drinking bear that adorns the label comes from the quill of a well known Pfalz ar!st and friend of Oliver’s great grandfather Walter Baer (German for bear). On one occasion in 1933 Walter was unable to meet his friends for a regular ‘glass of wine or two’ and the artist sent the sketch to his friend Walter the ‘bear’. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Truly great Pinot: elegant, delicate yet rich.