Domaine de la Citadelle Chataignier Red - Luberon 1390 1 /products/domaine-de-la-citadelle-chataignier-red-luberon?variant=19005425877110 domaine-de-la-citadelle-chataignier-red-luberon Jaded Palates Red REGION: Luberon, Rhone, France VARIETIES: Syrah, Grenache ALCOHOL:  13% VITICULTURE: Organic YEAR: 2016 INFO: One of Jaded Palates’ flagship domaines - it rather must be, is it is where lan learned his winemaking! Nestled in the Southern part of the Rhone, but with Northern facing slopes, La Citadelle is a real amalgam of styles: both warming and rich, yet clean and pure at the same time. Luberon is an up-and-coming area for those looking for value, and you couldn’t find a better example than La Citadelle of what this region can offer. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Vibrant red fruits with characteristic Syrah spice. Majella The Musician Cabernet Shiraz - Coonawara 1450 1 /products/majella-the-musician-cabernet-shiraz-coonawara?variant=19005455106166 majella-the-musician-cabernet-shiraz-coonawara Jaded Palates Red REGION: Coonawarra, Australia VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz ALCOHOL:  14.5% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2014 INFO: Brian ‘Prof’ Lynn, the effusive, yet self-deprecating voice of Majella Estate, would never brag about his accolades but it’s clear he has a lot to be proud of. With some fantastic grapes, one of Australia’s best winemakers and a state of the art winery, Majella craft some of the finest wines in the country on one of the most revered strips of dirt in the wine world: the “Terra Rossa” or Red Earth of Coonawarra - ideal for the big, fruity Cabernets they grow there. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Vibrant, smooth fruit, hint of dusty herbs. Marquis de Calon 2012 - St. Estephe 3690 1 /products/marquis-de-calon-2012-st-estephe?variant=19005490397302 marquis-de-calon-2012-st-estephe Jaded Palates Red REGION: Bordeaux, France VARIETIES: Merlot-dominated ALCOHOL: 14% VITICULTURE: Conventional YEAR: 2012 INFO: Château Calon-Ségur, a "3rd growth" in the Bordeaux classification system and the most northerly of all the Médoc Grand-Crus Classés, is the château with a heart on its label. That is because the former owner, Marquis de Ségur, though he owned such Estates as Lafite and Latour, he declared "My heart belongs to Calon". For the last century it has been owned by the Gasqueton family. This is their second wine, a category which we think always offers fantastic value for money. Quite often in these circumstances, you're getting a significant proportion of their top grapes in this blend, and all the know-how and technical wizardry which goes towards their £80+ top-price bottles. 7 WORD WINE REVIEW: Rich cedar-wood and dark plums. Deliciously smooth.