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A winemaker by trade, Owner and MD of Jaded Palates Ian Renwick has spent many days of his life immersed in vineyards and working alongside renowned winemakers, growing his knowledge, passion and understanding of what makes a truly superb bottle of wine.

Ian, along with his expert team at Jaded Palates wants to share their experiences with you; immerse you in the riches of their superb, carefully sourced and often exclusive range of wines & spirits where there is a story behind every bottle, waiting to be told.

The purpose? To help you offer a more in-depth, refined wine & spirits experience to your customers.


Exceeding expectations is the key to great customer satisfaction. Delivering above and beyond the standard that is set in a persons mind can be a tricky path to navigate. It is one we know well and this thought has been our constant companion in the development of our range, our pricing structure and the support services that we offer.

We believe that the products and services we can offer your business will help you in delivering the ‘wow’ factor that your customers are expecting to receive.


Jaded Palates stock around 200 very carefully selected wines from around the world. We pride ourselves in only offering the very best products which we believe will deliver the greatest taste experience and value for money.

What you’ll soon find with us is that we are not a huge, faceless, national chain wholesaler. Our range and service is bespoke and considered and we work with you personally to find the wines and spirits that best fit with your business.

It’s very important to us that we learn the stories behind every bottle before we put them on our shelves. Wherever we can, we work directly with the producers, listening, learning and understanding more about their wines and spirits. After all, we speak their language. We pride ourselves in passing a little bit of this passion on with every purchase.

We also stock more than 100 spirits, many of which are made by local and regional producers or have a special places in the hearts of our clientele. We seek out the exciting and emerging brands hitting the market, keeping ahead or trend which bring fresh ideas to our customers.
We know we have just the right wines and spirits that will surprise and delight you. Ones that will compliment your collection or finish off that perfect cocktail - let us show you them.


Simple, straight forward wholesaling of great wines & spirits - that’s what we do. Right? Of course, but there’s more. We believe that we offer a point of difference for our customers. We add that little something special that really brings our products to life.

TRAINING/ As winemakers and experts, we have plenty of knowledge and we want to share this with you. We can provide training for you and your team which will allow you to better sell the products we provide to your customers.

RANGE PLANNING & DESIGN/ We have the expertise to help you design an amazing range of wines and spirits to compliment your offering. Even if you don’t buy all your wines from us. It could be an individual bottle that your customers can enjoy everyday, a special addition to your range or for a special event that you are planning. We can guarantee your customer’s enjoyment, leaving nothing to chance.

EVENTS/ We can host special events for you that make you look really good. If you want to offer something special to your customers, outsource it to us. We’ll come along with our superb range and put on a night everyone will remember. Tasting. pariring, flights, experiences, workshops - you name it, if it’s wine and spirit related, it’s likely we can do it.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE/ We’re nice, we really are. You’ll enjoy working with us and we really do want to help.


We’d love the chance to talk to you some more about Jaded Palates and the range of wines & spirits that we stock. No obligation of course, we just want to see if we can offer your customers that something extra.


T:  0333 370 1355

Or, send us a message using our contact form and we will get back to you.


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