We do things differently around here:
  • SERVICE: Easily said, not often delivered. We're always smiling, friendly and approachable. We aim to deliver service that surprises and delights and we care about your opinion.
  • RESPECT, HONESTY, ETHICS: We don't take ourselves too seriously - life's too short. But we will always respect you, our customers, and our products. We deliver on our promises and will always make honest recommendations, even if what we offer is cheaper than what you set out to buy. Our business is based around local communities, and we pay living wages, reduce our environmental impact and treat everyone fairly.
  • QUALITY, VALUE, PROVENANCE: These three things go hand-in-hand for us. We care deeply about where our products come from, and pride ourselves on knowing the story behind everything we sell. We always favour small, family producers who put love and dedication into what they do, and charge a fair price for an honest and genuine product.
  • KNOWLEDGE AND LEARNING: We believe that the more you know about something, the more interesting it is and the more enjoyment you get out of it. We don't want to shove it down your throats, but there is always more information on all of our products available than you could probably ever need. Just ask.


IAN RENWICK - MD, The Jaded Group

Hi, I'm Ian - third-generation Moorlander, cricket-lover and self-confessed wine geek. I have been fascinated with all things vinous since I was at school in Bordeaux in the 90's. Surrounded by beautiful rolling vineyards and a nation with a bottle always open, debates raging as to its provenance and quality, it was almost impossible not to be immersed.

Initially, life took me in a very different direction. A 15 year HR career in Asia kept me busy but never entirely fulfilled. I always had this bee in my bonnet and I spent most of my spare time educating myself and boring those around me about wine and what made a good one.

In 2011, I decided to start taking this more seriously, and set about studying the WSET exams whilst still living in Hong Kong. Despite learning the theory, I felt that to truly understand wine I had to get right under its (grape)skin. So my wife, young son and I packed up our lives and moved the 6000 miles to France to be in the heart of the action. This is where we spent three years whilst I became a qualified Winemaker. I can finally say, from an insider's perspective, what can make the difference between an average wine, and an exceptional one.

It's been an amazing journey. I have learnt so much, and continue to do so daily. Armed with my new found knowledge and experience, and the passion that's been bubbling inside for the past 20 years, I returned to beautiful Dartmoor where I spent much of my childhood, to bring Jaded Palates to life.

GILLIAN MANN - Director, Jaded Palates Stores

Hi, I'm Gill. I have lived, raised my family and worked on the edge of Dartmoor for over 20 years after an initial career in insurance.

My retail background is not actually in wine but food! I ran our family delicatessen for 15 years, where we prided ourselves on sourcing locally produced, artisan products with a real focus on quality and integrity.

As well as running the deli, I spent several years running an online food business. My real passion, though, comes from the face to face experience you get from meeting customers, getting to know people and being part of a community. And, being able to talk about my love of food with people who share these values was a real bonus.

Naturally, a love of food goes hand in hand with great wines and the opportunity to be part of Jaded Palates Stores was not one to be missed! We share the same belief in sourcing great products, often from small producers who care passionately about what they make and environment they grow them in.

Like Ian, I believe you can never know too much in wine. Although I've always loved drinking it (!) I never had the chance to learn much about it. It's incredibly easy for me to relate to people who feel intimidated by the world of wine, because I was that person not long ago! I decided to take on the challenge of studying the WSET programme, and am enthralled by the journey I began. There isn't much I now don't know about the wines we stock – we sample very regularly to make sure we are all learning something new every day.