What's your wine style?

What's your wine style?

"What kind of wine shall we have tonight?"

It's just one of those questions, isn't it? Filled both with anticipation, and dread. The thought of a lovely drop to go with your pizza or steak coupled combined with the sinking "ugh" feeling you get when you have no real idea what you might be buying.

It's hard enough remembering which wine you bought the last time without also trying to figure out what it tasted like.

We don't think wine-buying should have any kind of dread attached to it, so we're trying to making things just that little bit more straight-forward for you. Our shops are laid out with this goal in mind - where you pick it up from on the shelves will give you a good indicator as to what it will taste like. Our website is the same.






Above you'll see a few of the little guiding icons we've designed to and which you'll see above every wine picture on our website. Hover over it, or glance below, and you'll see something like this:

Soft and Fruity is one of the Wine Styles we use to describe our reds. We've got 8 in all - 4 for red and 4 for white - and this is our way or categorising our wines so that you know that if you like, eg. a Bold and Rich Rhone Valley red, chances are, it's worth you giving a go at an amazing Lebanese wine too.

All in all, it takes some of the guesswork away from taking the plunge on a bottle. Not all of it - we all like a little variety, of course! But when you know you much prefer a spicy Syrah to a mellow Malbec, or you really want a crisp-style of white for your fish this weekend, you have a much better chance of finding something you will love.

For more details on our wine styles and what they actually mean, click here or, as always, just drop us a line or give us a call!