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A huge welcome to Gill Mann!

A perfect fit

Back in November 2016, when we were very seriously thinking about taking on the shop in Ashburton, it became clear very quickly that there was only one really major obstacle in our way. Ian is great at doing lots of different things, but sadly, quantum physics is not his strong point and therefore being in two places at once was looking tricky.

So, finding someone to run the store was critical.

But we needed more than just that. This was our second shop in under a year, and we weren't so established that we had a completely clear path forwards. We were therefore really looking for quite a combination of things:
  • Someone who understood businesses and how they ran
  • Someone who was willing to do all the nitty-gritty bits and pieces involved with running a shop without complaint (cleaning, deliveries, stacking shelves, accounts... glamourous stuff)
  • Someone who was willing to buy into our Jaded Palates philosophy
  • Someone who liked people
  • Someone who was ambitious and loved a challenge
  • Someone who understood wine or was willing to learn fast
  • And someone who was able to work completely autonomously
A tall order.

But it didn't take us long to find that person. Through a mutual connection, the perfect candidate was presented, and to cut a long-winded and lengthy organisational process short, we are very delighted to announce that...


Some of you may have met Gill as she has helped Ian with the wine bar and running Chagford in Ian's stead on occasion, and if you have, I know you'll agree that she is a brilliant addition to our small team.

Gill is also the Director of Jaded Palates Stores, which will see her eventually overseeing the running of both Chagford and Ashburton (and any future stores...!) as well as a couple of fingers in the pies of our online and wholesale businesses too.

We could not be more pleased that Gill decided to join us. You can read more about her background here but since she started working with us to learn the business from February this year, she has amazed us with her willingness to learn, her great ideas, her common-sense and her always-on smile and friendly attitude. Gill is going to be perfect for both Jaded Palates and Ashburton (although they don't yet know what's going to him them...) and we are extremely excited about our future together.



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