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A new way to choose your wine

Help yourself...

Jaded Palates is all about helping you understand and appreciate wine more; education and information forms a huge part of the experience when you buy from us. We strongly believe that we are more than just a place from which to buy your wine; we love having discussions with you and helping guide you towards a wine you will love.

So much so, in fact, that we've been thinking long and hard about how the store itself, and online, can help with this.

Right from the very beginning we've been aiming to provide as much guidance as possible as to how to classify wine. We've always said that the traditional way of thinking about wine in terms of by country or region is pretty meaningless. What does a French wine taste like? Or Australian? It could be absolutely anything. Instead, thinking about the flavours of wines you like means it's much more likely you'll be able to find other wines that you might also like.

We've now taken this one step further. Both online and in store, you'll now see all our reds and whites put into one of five categories - the photo at the top goes through exactly what those categories mean, as well as what kinds of wines might fall into them.

This does NOT mean that we think that all wines can be classified into 5 types. Within each group there is a huge myriad of different nuances. But it's at least a starting point for you to think about what kinds of wine might float your boat.

As always, we always love to speak to you about these choices anyway and guide you towards that ideal choice. But hopefully these categories will just help you get over that initial thought of "oh god, I have no idea what I want..."

As usual, we'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this you might have. You can comment below, mention it on Facebook or email us.


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