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A huge honour

Exciting times

So I did let out a little yelp. It wasn't particularly becoming, and luckily there was no-one in store at the time, but it was pretty involuntary. It truly wasn't expected at all, and even if it goes nowhere else, I am still delighted.

What on earth am I talking about?

Many of you will have heard of Jancis Robinson, probably the world's leading authority on wine. She started writing about wine in 1975, before people even thought it was a possible career, and since then she:

  • has appeared on TV (The Wine Programme - the world's first TV show on wine)
  • has written countless books (including the staple Oxford Companion to Wine)
  • writes extensively for some of the worlds most respected publications
  • was the first person from outside the trade to pass the notoriously difficult Master of Wine exams
  • consulted on British Airways' extensive wine selection
  • has been awarded an OBE for her services, and
  • currently acts as wine consultant to the Queen!
On the whole, then, she is a very well-respected wine expert.

She also runs, a very highly regarded repository for tasting notes, news, articles and general information about almost anything wine-related. Recently, one of their regular contributors left to concentrate on their other work, and she put out a competition to try and find a potential replacement. Needless to say, she was inundated with proposed articles and entries. I sent mine off, and thought nothing more about it.

Until last week...

Although the winner is not due to be announced for a while, she is publishing a small selection of entries on her website as she goes through them and thinks them worthy.

Amazingly, I received an email from Jancis on Friday saying the following: "I'm delighted to say that we are planning to publish at least one and probably both of your articles on soon"

Hence the yelp...

And now, you can read the articles I put to her:

Let me know what you think!


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