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Wine-bar coming soon..!

Jaded Palates evolves...

Some of you will have read the newsletter, others will have seen the notice in the window, and more still will have heard about it... I'm referring to our planned variation of license. Currently, Jaded Palates trades as an off-license; we can only sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, the opposite of pubs or restaurants, where you're not allowed to take alcohol purchased away.

The licensing laws were relaxed a decade or so ago, allowing for "hybrids": venues that could sell for consumption both on and off-premises. It's a model we've long been interested in - what better way to allow more people to try wines they wouldn't normally, whilst still allowing them to take home a bottle to enjoy later?

So what we are proposing to do is offer a weekly wine evening in Jaded Palates, complete with a changing wine-by-the-glass menu. We will also feature beautiful olives, olive oil and tapenade from Ian's cousin's farm in Provence and hand-crafted charcuterie from Cornwall - a real find which perfectly compliments wines of any colour.

The idea is to offer local residents a venue to come and unwind after the working week on a Friday or Saturday night (to be decided!), and to have a real excuse for leaving the office!

Great wines, beautiful olives, charcuterie... and then take a bottle home of whatever you've just tried. We think this is something new and exciting for Chagford and surrounding areas, and will complement the other fantastic businesses and restaurants in town.

We aim to launch this in the new year, subject to licensing, so there is time to have a say in how we do this. We welcome all feedback, so please do get in touch if you have any thoughts at all on this project.


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