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Almost there...

A dry run

Today we invited a few local businesses and some press to come down and give the store a bit of a test-run to make sure we were in the best possible shape for you all on Saturday. Needless to say that it was just as well we were all ready to shift, since it was pretty full on! The last coat of paint was still drying, and the bottle still wobbling from being hastily added to the shelf when we welcomed our first visitor.

I am incredibly pleased with how the store turned out, and I am massively grateful to the work of some excellent local tradesmen in the area, particularly Rob Brimblecombe and his team, Marshall's Electrical ( and Ed Lamb ( who pieced together the glorious counter in record time.

Now it's time for me to hold up my end of the bargain and show off some wines worthy to be in this lovely setting.


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