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The much misunderstood colour

As we all thoroughly enjoy this unseasonable sunshine (although as this is written, the prospect of hosepipe bans is already looming large across some of the UK), and BBQs abound, it's so lovely to drink the wines that really shine in the warmth. Dry, crisp whites like Picpo...
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What to drink at Christmas?

November 29, 2017

The best choices for the festive season

Oooh, but it's a bit chilly out there now, isn't it?! Taking the kids to school in the morning requires another 10 minutes preparation just to get the necessary layers, gloves, hats and scarves on, although the glorious sunshine we have now means we really can't complain.Dec...
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Cocktails galore

October 7, 2017

Different season, same amount of fun

Wow, that was pretty sudden wasn't it? I seem to remember it was only a week ago that I was happily sitting out in the garden in the sunshine in a t-shirt, and now look at it? We've had a decent amount of sunshine at least, and I never complain about the change of seasons re...
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P-Rhone to Misunderstanding

September 15, 2017

Vast, various, value.

Wow - it's been a few months since our last blog. Sorry! It's certainly been a busy few months since our last post in June. We've had the opening of our shop in Ashburton in July, 2 new team members join us, 9 separate tasting events and of course the summer holidays. P...
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May 6, 2017

How we've all gone mad for it

Here we go then: our first non-wine blog. It seems apt, though, that if we're going to talk about anything that isn't produced from a grape, we should talk about a product whose sales seems to show no signs of abating. Now the UK's second-most exported beverage, this quinte...
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A perfect fit

Back in November 2016, when we were very seriously thinking about taking on the shop in Ashburton, it became clear very quickly that there was only one really major obstacle in our way. Ian is great at doing lots of different things, but sadly, quantum physics is not his str...
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We've got a new baby!

April 21, 2017

Thankfully, we already have a name

Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! Perhaps I'm just a little nervous too, but we are delighted to announce that WE ARE OPENING A SECOND SHOP! Yes, we will then be closing it again straight away for refitting, but on Monday we take the keys to our new premises in A...
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Macon: The "Friendly" Burgundy

We all know someone who is an "ABC" - "Anything But Chardonnay", right? It does get a bad rap, which is very sad in my opinion, as well-made Chardonnay is frankly unbeatable. The reputation is, however, not entirely unmerited. For a good number of years, new world producers ...
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Costieres de Nimes - baby Chateauneuf?

OK, maybe that's slightly unfair, but not entirely an entirely far-fetched comparison. The soil-types are similar, with the big "rolled pebbles" so typical of the Rhone valley very present in each; some kind of cooling influence (the minimal effect from the Rhone itself for ...
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2016: Hot, hot, hot.

March 15, 2017

Overall, good, but watch out for alcohol levels

Ahead of our Annual Vintage tasting on April 8th, I thought it an opportune moment to go through some of the news from last year's harvest, and what this might mean for how these wines might taste. I should point out that for the sake of simplicity I will be talking about wi...
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